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Marked Card Journal
Donna Downey 2015 Artist Gang #1

In my first submission for Donna Downey’s Artist Gang Tuesday initiative, I demonstrated how to build a mini accordion-folded journal out of playing cards. When the deck seems stacked against you, you might be glad to have these “marked cards” handy for a little pick-me-up, too!






Inside Detail


Bonus: Special Abandoned Art Project
(at the end of the video)

I’m all about making art accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if a person considers themselves creative or doesn’t care a thing about the visual arts, everyone’s life is richer when surprised by beauty. So I was excited to find out about the Abandoned Art movement, where people create “random acts of art” for the fun of it, then leave them in public places to be discovered and enjoyed by others. Use the left-over cards from the Marked Card Journal Project to create your own Random Acts of Art. Interested in seeing more Abandoned Art? Check out Michael DeMeng’s Facebook group: or get his book: The Art Abandonment Project.