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A Celebration of My Daily Painting

Today marks our 1 year anniversary. My wife, Debbie ( and I have been painting every day for a year now. We have each completed 380+ paintings during this time. On most days we get up at 5 am, grab some coffee and hit the studio. We usually set aside about an hour each morning to paint before heading off to work. There have been a few days where we were too tired in the morning and decided to pick up the painting in the evening, but usually this resulted in less than satisfactory results.

What have I learned?

  • I like to paint. (I better like it if I do it every day 🙂 )
  • Painting everyday grounds me. I feel that my core soul is alive and I am fresh for the day.
  • I have contributed to the world. Little by little, by painting everyday I am adding to the beauty of this world.
  • I have improved with practice. I have always been an artist, but until now I have not really been a painter. As I have applied myself, my craft has gotten a lot better.
  • I have created a body of work that I am proud of.

Here’s where I started…

“I Thought I Could (#1)” from March 23, 2016

And here’s what I made today.

“Paper (#381)” from March 23, 2017