Waiting for Winter
Donna Downey 2015 Artist Gang #8

I live in Florida. But I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic, where we were known to have White Christmases, and we sat around blazing fireplaces drinking steaming mugs of hot chocolate in December. So when Christmas time rolls around and it’s still 90 degrees outside, I find myself missing the festive wintery atmosphere of my youth. In an effort to try and make it feel a little more like the holidays, I created this piece of art to capture the joys of a snowy day. Why wait for winter, when you can make your own?

Feel free to turn your Donna Downey Signature Bird Silhouette stencil into any winged creature of your choice. But if you want to create a bird similar to mine, the reference image I used for the Red-bellied Woodpecker can be found here: http://natureismytherapy.com/2014/02/25/why-should-you-care-about-bird-conservation

Final Image



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Deconstructed Stencil
Donna Downey 2015 Artist Gang #7

Here is a very simple technique to spice up your stenciling. I’m going to show you how to use a single Donna Downey signature stencil on multiple surfaces to create a fun new image, then finish it off with words from another one of Donna’s signature designs. (This is a great way to use some of those Gelli prints you’ve made that you’re not sure what to do with or to bust some of your old scrapbook paper stash!)

Final Image



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What makes me an Artist

I want to hear what makes you an artist. Tell me in the comments below and you will get a chance to win a free spot in my upcoming Art of the Selfie class.

Enter by October 9, 2015 at 11:59 EST!  The winner will be notified on October 10th.  (If you’ve already registered for the course and you are the lucky winner, I will refund your tuition or give you a gift certificate for my next class.)

I Grew it Myself
Donna Downey 2015 Artist Gang #6

In 1987, I meet my wife with what I thought was the best pick-up line ever. Unfortunately, it was based on a lie (which she immediately discerned), and it took me over 28 years to make good on that line. Watch how I redeem myself in this instructional video.

Final Image

I Grew it Myself

Colors I used…


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Art of the Selfie –
My first online class starts
October 12, 2015!


Our face reveals (and sometimes obscures) so much. As the current fascination with “selfies” attests, humans are endlessly fascinated by catching glimpses of ourselves “as we really look.” In this 6-week journey we will explore the “selfie” as something more than just a photo that you snap of yourself on your mobile device. Self-portraits actually have a rich history and tradition in art. Self-portraits reveal important glimpses into an artist’s world view, conception of self, and expression of style. By creating our own mixed-media “selfies,” we will join a time-honored tradition and – in the process – have the chance to discover a bit more of who we are. We will use paint, collage, pastels, and a variety of other materials and techniques to create a series of six personal 12″ X 12″ self-portraits on wooden panels. You will end up with a mini gallery ready for immediate display.

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